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WordPress Solutions

Michael has been a solid PHP MVC (Model View Controller architecture) expert for some time.  But since he’s not afraid of learning new things, he’s been becoming a WordPress solutions expert as well.  From configuring complex plugins, to creating plugins, custom themes, or child themes, anything Michael has set his mind to do for his clients, he has succeeded.

There are some concerns with WordPress websites.  That’s why it’s best to maintain an ongoing relationship with your WordPress expert since you’ll want not only WordPress, but plugins that you may use to be updated regularly and more importantly, your site needs to be backed up BEFORE and anyone clicks any buttons to cause updates.  All it takes is 1 character to be in the wrong place and your website can suddenly go blank! If you have a backup, you can restore it. If not, you then have the challenge of isolating the issue.  And that can be complex when your whole website is inaccessible either from the frontend (what your clients see) and the backend (where you edit pages, posts and photos). Working with an expert in this can be the difference between your site being down for days, or a minutes…

Web Applications

Most websites are static.  That is, they are created once, and then sit, without changes for too long and become stale.  Your competition keeps making changes to their websites and as a result, their websites come up in search results before yours does.  What can you do to keep up?  You can certainly make sure your website is editable (using a CMS like WordPress)… That’ll help, but if you have a website that has actual data or interactivity with your users… They can become engaged. If your website has tools that help people, they may come back to use what you have to offer.

Michael typically uses the Yii MVC PHP Framework for custom web development.  It’s fast, secure, solid, and it doesn’t hurt to become an expert in something rather than being half assed at everything.  If you need a website that actually “does something”, or has interactivity with it’s users.  Michael has the skills to make your website come alive.