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Do You Have Website or Web Application Needs? Michael Can Help!

Why Work With Michael?


Software that works!

Years of experience

Allow Michael to work with you to define your project needs and deliver a solution that works with the technology that best fits your current situation.


Constant Feedback is key

Michael listens

While Michael was in college, he took every communications class available. He wanted to be sure he would not be the kind of tech guy that struggles to interact with people.

Michael is a people person and strives not only to hear, but to listen and understand his client’s needs.


Fail to plan? Plan to fail!


Michael will use software engineering processes to ensure your project not only looks good, but works correctly.

People  say

“I’ve worked with Michael  on many projects over the years. He works hard, under promises and over delivers.  I’m glad he’s on my team! ”


“Michael and I have worked together on several projects.  I continue to refer clients to him as I know he will do what he says he will.”



WordPress? Really?

Michael still enjoys making web applications with non Wordpress sites for himself and clients, but has continually heard people say that they want the ability to edit their own websites easily. Well, there is a tradeoff.


Mobile first - in this day and age, a large percentage of people are browsing the internet on their phones or tablets.  By creating websites with "Mobile First" thinking, we make sure the site looks good

Web Development you can count on

If you’re looking for a seasoned, dedicated web developer who will help you take your project to completion, you’ve come the the right place.

Let's Talk!