WordPress? Really?

Michael still enjoys making web applications with non WordPress sites for himself and clients, but has continually heard people say that they want the ability to edit their own websites easily. Well, there is a tradeoff.  Wordpress needs to be maintained so it doesn’t get hacked.  Non technical people with more access than they perhaps should have “can” cause problems.  That is why having a web developer working with you long term is a good idea.  Especially one with numerous processes in place like automated backing up your website’s files as well as automated database backups.  Wordpress can be sluggish and is IMHO not a good option for a large scale web application. But for many websites, it makes for a good platform for allowing the ‘owner’ of website to keep it fresh and updated.  Websites that aren’t updated over time will lose their niche as well as their search result ranking (i.e. showing up in search results near the top which is essential for success).

With the ability to use a multitude of mature plugins for many solutions.  Wordpress might very well be a solid solution for your needs.


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